If you are looking for rumba in Bogotá, today is your lucky day. Here you can meet the best and most popular bars / clubs, so you can:

  • Spend an amazing night with your friends
  • Have a great evening with your date
  • Surprise your lift for those who are of conquest plan
  • Meet new people
  • Dance until the feet do not give more

Best plans for rumba in Bogotá

Andrés DC (Calle 82 # 12-21)

rumba en bogota hoy 2019

This place has prestige and recognition, being cataloged by tourism agencies as a very attractive place. Its original decoration, in addition to its atmosphere for good rumba make it an ideal candidate for couples and groups of friends. In addition, this space has the possibility of a restaurant, providing perfect dishes for dinner.

Armando Records (Calle 85 # 15-30)

rumba en bogota hoy 2019

Exclusive space in the city, one of the most prestigious. It is known for its fantastic internal atmosphere, which is an ode to Latin and crossover parties. Its external atmosphere on the terrace is perfect for those who enjoy musical genres such as electronics and techno.

Baum (Calle 33 # 6-24)

One of the most important discos for the culture of techno and electronics. This rumbero scenario handles three different zones or environments. It also has the participation in its platforms of DJs recognized nationally and internationally. This place is ideal for those partiers who are looking for a rumba in Bogotá today, and want to go until dawn.

Hotel V (Calle 84 # 13-17)

rumba en bogota hoy 2019 (1)

A popular place with a reservation system by categories, ideal for appointments looking for spaces to enjoy the environment. It has a VIP area and also a smoking area. Its popularity is also due to its style, which is inspired by a New York hotel, brought to the contemporary. An exclusive terrace and modern details are part of the attraction of this place. In addition to its fast food service and professional DJ’s in charge of music.

Sutton Club (Carrera 15 # 93-37)

rumba en bogota hoy 2019 (1)

This bar is known for its setting inspired by European and Las Vegas clubs. Popular for its style and technology management, which offer attendees a wonderful experience with the quality of lighting, sound quality and music. They have live shows, sunroof and smoking area on the terrace.

Theatron (Calle 58 # 10-32)

It is the most popular disco in Bogotá, known for being one of the largest in Latin America. It is also one of the most exclusive for the LGBTI community. This plan is perfect for everyone, as this space is perfect for an incredible night, free from discrimination. This has 14 environments, among which are:

  • Theatron
  • Teatrino
  • Temple
  • MusicLab
  • Pink square
  • Beerlin
  • Time
  • The canteen
  • Eve
  • Barú
  • Palm
  • Meter
  • Coffee bar
  • Lotus

Safety tips for rumba in Bogotá today, tomorrow and forever

  • Inform your friends or acquaintances where you will be. It is important that someone who is not going to be with you know it, in order to inform others in case of emergency.
  • Always, without objections, you should date reliable people, close friends and people who can take responsibility for you. In case you go over drinks, you must be sure that someone else can take care of you.
  • Never leave without your identity documents. And if you are a minor, wait to be 18 to do so. Do not defy the laws, as they are to prevent bad things from happening.
  • If possible, do not carry anything of value. Avoid carrying more than one credit card, and try to charge cash. A strategy to keep money as safe as possible, is that you distribute it in different places, such as pockets, secret pockets, purses, wallets, etc.
  • Late at night, it is best to travel by vehicle. The best thing to avoid problems is that you use applications to order transportation or taxis, such as eTaxi, DigiTaxi, Uber and Beat.
  • Do not consume too much alcohol, moderate consumption, do not mix drinks and check that they are non-adulterated drinks. It is not necessary to remember that if you go out with your friends and you are a minor, do not drink. Nor if you are driving, since we must reduce the number of accidents, not increase it.
  • Always keep in mind the number of emergencies, the number of police and the stations in the quadrant.