This Holy Week 2019 is coming soon, and here we tell you the top 8 places to travel in these times.

As we all know, Holy Week is one of the most important times of the year, either because you are a believer in the Catholic religion and you want to commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus, or because you want to enjoy this time to rest, spend more time with loved ones and / or travel for vacations.

Something important to remember is that Holy Week 2019 is from Sunday, April 14 to Saturday, April 20.

Here we will show you the 8 places in Colombia that you have to visit during this Holy Week 2019.

  • Barbosa: The municipality of Barbosa maintains the celebration of Holy Week as a cultural milestone for more than 60 years. The same inhabitants of the municipality usually contribute for the procession, because it is tradition to celebrate these important dates. It also has an extensive water park (the largest in the department of Antioquia), which makes it a tourist and family destination, it also has creeks and ideal areas for ecotourism.
  • Santa Fe de Antioquia: This municipality is also one of those with the greatest Catholic tradition in Antioquia, so this is an ideal step for all the faithful Catholics. It is a tourist place in the same way, because it has outstanding places like the Casa de las Dos Palmas, a suspension bridge to cross the Cauca River, an incredible gastronomic offer, etc.
  • Marinilla: Culture is available to everyone in this municipality, and Holy Week is a more than valid reason. They have the Festival of Religious Music, one of the most important events in the Catholic community.
  • Nemocón: One of its strongest tourist strongholds is the Salt Mine, which is the Chapel of the Virgen del Carmen, which, for Holy Week, usually has an extended schedule, so that more visitors can enjoy the complex.
  • Villeta: Also called as “the land of panela”, it is an ideal place in which processions are usually done with theater included, to recreate and make more special the celebrations of Holy Week. to get to know one of the panela farms and the nature reserves.
  • Zipaquirá: Also called as “the city of Salt”, it is a beautiful place to experience the processions of Holy Week while visiting the most memorable and important areas of the municipality such as the Salt Cathedral (which is, no more not least, the first wonder of Colombia), the Diocesan Cathedral, the Chapel of the Cedar, etc.
  • Buga: Whether to ask for a miracle or to thank for one, the Sanctuary of the Lord of Miracles is a mandatory stop for you. This is another place in Colombia where Holy Week is the strongest one.
  • Cartago: Also called as “the city with the largest sun in Colombia”, it is a place that is surprising because of the great variety of cultural programming that its parishes have. A tourist place of interest is the Museo Casa del Rey, unmissable for its coffee charm and its craft workshops.