As we all know, holidays are a time to do things that are out of the ordinary. As everyone seeks to get out of the routine and enjoy the best plans near Bogotá 2019, here we will recommend the best. These plans are suitable for the whole family, and lend themselves to spend incredible moments with your partner and family, as well as with your friends and loved ones.

TOP 6 Plans Close to Bogotá 2019


planes cerca a Bogotá 2019

This is one of the best we have available to enjoy on vacation. It is one of the best plans near Bogotá 2019, because this place is located 53 km from Bogotá. A perfect place to enjoy a lot of history and various plans together with your loved ones.


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This place is located about 37 km from the Colombian capital. This place, like the previous one, is located in the north of the city. This is part of the famous plans near Bogota most popular. It is a well-known gastronomy and confectionery trade area. You can perform activities such as paragliding, visit the Pionono Ecological Park, the Sanctuary of the Lord of the Stone, etc.

Coffee zone of Cundinamarca

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In this incredible recommendation you can enjoy some must-see activities such as visiting the Hacienda de Las Mesitas de Santa Inés. In this place you will be able to know some interesting things, such as the coffee harvest and other situations of this process. It is located about 83 km from the city of Bogotá.

Thermal waters El Zipa

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It is a spectacular place, which is located in the municipality of Tabio. This recommended space to enjoy an incredible pool plan near Bogotá. The hot springs are accessible to the public on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, for a low cost. All recommended activity to do with your friends, your partner or your family during the holidays. In addition, this is one of the towns near Bogotá warm weather, perfect for changing the climate of the city.

House of the Trout in Sibaté

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If you are a fan of nature, an environment of calm and hospitality, as well as sport fishing, camping, hiking and other ecotourism related plans, you can not miss this recommended plan near Bogota 2019. In addition, Sibaté is one of the cities near Bogotá that is recommended to visit for its incredible gastronomic offer and its traditional strawberries with cream.

Chingaza National Natural Park

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Another one of the great ones recommended in this list to enjoy during the holidays is the Chingaza National Natural Park. This interesting place, unmissable and spectacular, has an ecosystem of páramo ideal to breathe natural air. This offers a plan to connect with nature and get away from the city, incredible for friends, for couples and especially for families.